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About Us

First and foremost, our Cairns are beloved family members, and as such, live with us underfoot in our home. I’ve evolved to showing and breeding through my passion for the breed and interest in passing this on through the limited availability of top quality puppies to other Cairn enthusiasts and their families. Our Cairns come from tested healthy, champion bloodlines, which have been thoughtfully bred to eliminate disease and health issues, aiming for the best in health, temperament and closeness of type to the Canadian Breed Standard.

We do this for love!

Our breeding program is non profit. We show our dogs to their Canadian Championships and enjoy only one carefully planned litter a year. During this focused time, we can devote ourselves to our puppies’ needs and a variety of city and country socialization activities for the 10 weeks they are with us. Our dogs and puppies are fed a premium quality, natural food.

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